Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Investigate Part 2

The Mac Book Air could be used for meetings, every day life in the office and can even be used for children. It comes with many features such as iWork and iLife. Thanks to its back lit keyboard, it can be used in dark conditions such as airplanes and meetings in which you can use the laptop for the source of the presentation. This laptop could be used in the school and can even make school work efficient for the students since the internet is so fast on the Mac Book Air. Since it is also is so light and is ultra portable, the students including the teachers can take this 3.0 pound laptop anywhere. Students can also access the internet anywhere from inside or outside the school. This laptop can also make students finish their projects or assignments quicker yet with higher quality since the laptop comes with amazing programs that are sure to increase your grades and the look of all your projects and assignments.

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