Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Design-New Technology-Mac Book Air

Mac Book Air can Enhance many lessons at Qatar Academy but the one lesson i chose was Humanities. In Humanities you can use the Mac Book Air at your desk. Instead of the teacher passing papers around, the teacher can just e-mail you the assignment and then you can e-mail it back. This way you don't waste paper and it's also environmentally friendly. Using the Mac Book Air is also has an advantage in watching videos. Usually you would move all of your chairs towards a T.V and then watch the movie. The Mac Book Air can wirelessly rent videos from the apple store, or you can just watch the movie on your laptop by opening an e-mail sent to you by your teacher. The thing i like best about having the Mac Book Air in the classroom is that instead of reading books, you can look at websites and read from there. The websites can also have moving images that can tell you what will happen. The Mac Book Air is also very light and can easily be carried around from class to class, you can just put it in your bag without noticing a thing. The internet on the Mac Book Air is also very fast and also the range is quite wide so you can access the internet from anywhere in the school. The Mac Book Air also comes with amazing softwares such as garage band which can really help you a lot. All students don't need a Mac Book Air but it would really help them if they did have one. Since it is so light and takes so little space, it is very portable and you can just put it in your backpack easily. This way you can take your laptop to all subjects without having to hold extra stuff and carrying a lot of weight on your back.

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