Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Voice Thread Update

Now im going to make an actual Voice Thread. Now that i know what to do, i can hope that it will turn out to be amazing.

This is the real Voice Thread!!!

The last one you might not be able to view. Use this modified version

Voice Thread

I am still new to Voice Thread. I made this Voice Thread and it turned out to be horrible. I forgot to record my voice and i didn't comment all of the pictures + i put too many pictures.

This Animoto i made for fun!

This was an Animoto i made to see if the pictures i put in Animoto actually come in high resolution.

My Third Animoto

Here is my third Animoto, I like this one the best! I wonder if you like this one best too...

My Second Animoto

Here is my second Animoto!

My First Animoto

Here is my first Animoto!

My Animotos

I have been working on my Animotos. I made three of which two i liked. One didn't really have high detailed pictures. In my next three blogs, i will put all three of my Animotos.