Saturday, May 17, 2008

Script: Voicethread

1) This is the Macbook Air, an Ultra-portable notebook made from Apple. This laptop is 0.16 in at its thinnest and 0.76 in at its thickest. its so light, you can easily pick it up with one hand. This laptop still has everything your previous macs have, only better. Every thing has been streamlined or made small but the macbook air still delivers the same performance as any other mac.

2) The macbook air is very thin. It is a full notebook with a .4 - 1.94 in height and 32.7 cm long strong aluminum case and weighs a staggering 3 pounds or 1.36 kg. The macbook air is truly something out of this world.

3) The Macbook Air is amazing even before you have fully opened it. You'll be amazed to find a full sized keyboard in this really thin notebook, plus there is an oversized trackpad, so it's easier for the fingers. the crisp keys on the keyboard along with the added feature of back-lit key illumination make it easier to type in any place such as an airplane or just in your house. An ambient light sensor automatically detects the amount of light there is where ever you are, using that data, it adjusts the brightness of the display and the keyboard keys, giving you the best experience you might ever get while using a laptop.

4) There is an amazing 13.3 in widescreen led display which instantly goes to full brightness the moment you pull up the lid. that's due to the led backlit display which provides better images and an amazing quality but it uses less power or is less power consuming. so along with the 1280 by 800 resolution stunning led display, you can also obtain a much longer battery life span.

5) The oversized trackpad in company with multi touch technology can make everyday tasks a whole lot easier. you can pinch, swipe and rotate. these are all hand gestures that you can use in almost any program. it isn't the first time this gesture based image has been used, the iphone and ipod touch also have this easy to use software. it was so successful on them, that apple decided to put in on laptops too.

6) to save space, apple had to think out side the box and the macbook air is clearly one of the innovative breakthroughs they have made. instead of normal port on the side of the laptop, there wasting space, apple developed a new way to store all the ports we need. a port hatch is hidden inside the laptop and flips down to reveal a usb 2.0 port, a headphone jack, and a micro dvi port that supports dvi vga, composite.

7) Even the magsafe connection had to be redesigned to fit into the macbook air.

8) With 2GB of RAM integrated, you dont have to worry about running out of space while working with a lot of applications simultaneously. neither do you have to worry about over loading your memory since the macbook air comes with an 80 gb hard drive, plus you have the opinion of switching to a 64 gb state solid hard drive. it has no moving parts, that increases stability and durability.

9) even if the macbook air is thin, it doesnt mean it loses any of its performance. perhaps more remarkable than its dimensions and weight is how it reacts to your requests and how quickly it can make any type of calculations. this is all thanks to its 1.8 ghz intel core 2 duo processor. it even had to be specially made in order to fit into the macbook air.

10) the thinnest battery apple has ever made that the macbook air has doesnt lose any power. incredibly, you can access the internet for five consecutive hours, or five hours in a row.

11) with a built in isight camera, the macbook air is like no other portable notebook. its so stealthily hidden that you will barely notice its there. the camera, the microphone and the ichat software make video chatting with friends easy anywhere there is a wireless connection.

12) in this thin laptop, you wont expect any latest, state of the art technology, but your wrong. apple wanted to make macbook air for the wireless world. the wireless capabilities are countless due to the latest 802.11n wi fi and bluetooth 2.1 plus Edr built in.

13) during the development of the macbook air, you would expect it to lose some features and well it did lose one feature that is no longer needed, the optical drive. with the latest in wireless technology you can wirelessly rent movies from the itunes store instead of buying them and playing them using cds. and instead of backing up files to discs, now you can back them up to time capsule.

14) however when you do need to install a software from a c.d. of dvd, a new feature remote disk might help, it lets you wirelessly borrow or use a optical drive of a nearby mac or p.c. so you have full access to an optical drive without having to carry one and waste space. remote disk can work because of the fast wireless software on the macbook air.

15) getting a new macbook air would be exciting, but having to transport all of you files from you old computer would not. instead of getting cables, you can migrate every single file wirelessly when you turn on the macbook air, an assistant will guid you through the process, then all you have to do is install the software on the other computer and then let the two computers easily migrate.

16) mac os x leopard brought you time machine, and apple's latest release is time capsule the new hard drive plus wi fi base station, it lets time machine wirelessly back up files, its safe fast and secure.

17) with i tunes you can now watch and rent the most popular movies as well as classic ones. this can be much better than going to the cinema since you dont have to go anywhere and the video will be crisp and miraculous .

18) macbook air has leopard, the latest in the series of mac os x . leopard includes programs that can be of assistance in a number of tasks. some of the programs are safari, mail, address book and icall, i chat and boot camp.

19) safari is still the worlds best web browser today, (talk about safari)

20) (programs) will make you life easier. (talk about what they do)

21) talk about ilife.

22) Talk about how it helps in school. : Instead of the teacher passing papers around, the teacher can just e-mail you the assignment and then you can e-mail it back. This way you don't waste paper and it's also environmentally friendly. there is also an advantage in watching videos. Usually you would move all of your chairs towards a T.V and then watch the movie. The Mac Book Air can wirelessly rent videos from the apple store, or you can just watch the movie on your laptop by opening an e-mail sent to you by your teacher. The thing i like best about having the Mac Book Air in the classroom is that instead of reading books, you can look at websites and read from there. The websites can also have animated images that can demonstrate what will happen. The Mac Book Air is also very light and can easily be carried around from class to class, you can just put it in your bag without noticing a thing. The internet on the Mac Book Air is also very fast and also the range is quite wide so you can access the internet from anywhere in the school.

23) The programs on macbook air will also help you in many of the subjects. Garage band is an example. you could use it to create different compositions and various types of music.

24) Price.: The Mac Book Air might be a little pricey. It sells for 1799.99 USD in Best Buy, 1794 USD in Amazon, 1919 USD in @mpuDirect and 3098 USD at, but every penny is worth it since the Mac Book Air really is an extraordinary laptop.

25) Conclusion

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